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"Him of The Goddess" To Be Featured in Scarlet Leaf Review


I am happy to announce that my short story, "Him of The Goddess" will be featured in August's edition of the Scarlet Leaf Review. So, please check it out when in August! I'm super pumped for everyone's support!



To find a niche in the rich literary world and once we have done that to let the writers and artists, either old or young, have their say. ​​

To promote various genre and provide writers with access to publication.

To offer a forum for authors and artists whose works challenges the accepted forms and modes of expression.

To encourage the appreciation of the contemporary literature and art and to expand the world of readers. 

Our mission is to erase borders and unite thoughts – no matter how divergent they are – under one umbrella. To give voice to emerging writers and offer a “canvas” to future world renowned artists.

Go to their website and support them! You won't regret it!


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