Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

I offer a variety of services involving writing, editorial and publishing/distribution. When it comes to writing, I offer resume writing, query letter writing, press release writing, and copywriting to name a few. In editorial, I provide basic, heavy, developmental, and substantive/line editing for documents. Also, I provide deep editorial insights with manuscript and screenplay evaluations. With publishing/distribution services, I predominantly offer query letter critique and ebook formatting.

What Are Your Rates?

My rates vary by the project and it is best to obtain my fee schedule directly after you have queried me about a project. Not all projects are the same length in words, will take the same amount of time and energy to complete, or fit the same scope of work. In your query, be specific about the size, genre, and scope of the project. Projects that require a fast turnaround may cost more than the typical rate. Email me with any questions you may have about my rates.

What Genres Do You Work In?

When it comes to editorial work, I work in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, young adult, comedy, and horror. I also will work with screenplays (TV pilot scripts, short films, feature films), video games (cutscene scripts, etc.) and transmedia campaigns. Again, email me with any questions you may have. This is not an exhaustive list of which genres I will work in.

What Is Your Turnaround On Projects?

Turnaround greatly depends on how much work has been done on the project beforehand, how long the project is in length, and what other tasks must I complete in conjunction with completing your project (reading materials, researching, etc.) If you request a fast turnaround, expect to may more than my usual rate. I'm happy to make any necessary accommodations for my clients.

How Do I Know If I Need An Editor?

If you have just finished a novel, short film script, TV pilot script, or feature film script, you may want an editor to look at the earliest stages of the piece to spot errors in plot, issues with mood/tone, and other potential areas of frustration. You probably don't need an editor for an unfinished piece or a piece that has already been through several rounds of edits.

Does My Work Need To Be Finished Before You See It?

I cannot work on any project that is not already completed. Please only submit completed manuscripts and screenplays.

Do You Offer A Sample Edit?

I offer a FREE sample edit of the first 1,000 words for manuscripts; five (5) pages for short film scripts and TV pilot scripts; and the first ten (10) pages of a feature length film script.

How Can I contact you?

You may visit the "contact me" page on the site in order to reach me. My email, phone number, and social media accounts are there for you to use. I look forward to hearing from you!