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Library Books

Writing Services


  • Mechanical Editing (spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation)

  • Address technical and global issues

  • Look for issues with continuity and inconsistencies

  • Point out wordiness and convoluted text

  • Editorial stylesheet​​

Line Editing

  • Rewriting of wordy or convoluted text

  • Strengthening prose in regard to mood and tone

  • Edits in accordance with Chicago Manual of Style, content, and language

  • Editorial stylesheet

Developmental Editing

  • ​Provide guidance in reorganization of manuscript

  • Comments in the margins regarding author choice, areas of improvement, and praise for good writing

  • Detailed notes in regard to characters, plot, story, tone, mood, etc.

  • One-hour "coaching session" and thirty minute outline evaluation

Library Books

Publishing Services

Publishing Evaluation

  • Prepare chapter samples, query letter, and synopsis for submission to a literary agent or publishing house

  • Evaluation of the first 20,000 words of novel and edit of query letter and synopsis

  • One-hour coaching call to discuss evaluation document, offer suggestions to improve the work, answer any pressing questions

  • An example of an evaluation is available upon request.

Book Layout and Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Book Cover Design

  • Typography

  • Editorial Layout

  • Logo Design

  • Illustration including icons, infographics, children’s book illustrations

E-book Formatting

  • Format manuscript (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) into e-book file for Amazon Kindle Direct and other platforms

  • Account setup assistance

  • Listing and marketing assistance

  • Formatting in other platforms additional charge

  • Marketing services available for additional charge

Library Books

Editing Services


  • Write complete book based on outline or from scratch in various genres

  • Extensive rewrites on a completed book

Writer Coaching

  • Assist writer during the writing process

  • Reading time to assess progress of writing

  • Coaching calls to discuss progress and help plan book

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