E-Book Formatting

E-book formatting involves converting a .doc or .docx file into a file readable by an e-reader. In order to sell an e-book on Amazon (via Kindle Direct) or Smashwords, your file must be formatted prior to being uploaded to either platform. This service involves the time-consuming job of ensuring that all formatting, photos, and other elements of the document smoothly convert. 

Query Letter Evaluation

In order to get the attention of a literary agent, you must have a strong query letter in order to get samples of your work requested. A query letter evaluation is a thorough look at your letter in regard to tone, content, and structure. You will receive valuable feedback on your letter with help in determining your next steps.

Manuscript or Screenplay Evaluation

Once you have completed a manuscript or screenplay and gone through several rounds of edits, an evaluation can help you spot global issues in respect to plot, settings, tone, mood, theme, dialogue, etc.  The evaluation can help you address any major issues with your work before submitting it to an agent, editor, producer, etc. An example of an evaluation is available upon request.

  • Full evaluation of the work in respect to major components of the storytelling.

  • Evaluation one-hour call (To discuss my evaluation document, to make suggestions of what changes to make in order to improve the work, and to answer any pressing questions you may have).




Basic Copyediting

Basic copyediting involves a check on spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation. Also, there will be a search for issues with consistencies, and continuity issues within the story or document. All technical issues or major global issues brought to your attention as well.

Heavy Copyediting

In addition to the areas covered in basic copyediting, there will be more scrutiny towards more in-depth issues involving awkward or unclear wording, redundancies, cliches, and other aspects of complex grammar and usage. This service will be suggested to potential clients who present manuscripts or screenplays that have only gone through light editing prior to submission. 

Developmental Editing

Already including a manuscript or screenplay evaluation, developmental editing involves an intense editorial process that aims to vastly improve the work. That is, all aspects of spelling, grammar, usage, and the like, and also in regard to theme, characters, setting, plot, etc.


  • Free sample edit (up to 1,000 words).

  • Full editorial service (Removing errors, altering sentences for clarity, correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.).

  • Comments in the margins (Questions regarding author choice, suggestions for areas of improvement, praise for good writing).

  • A full evaluation of the work with detailed notes; suggestions; and a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the work in regard to characters, plot, story, tone, mood, etc.

  • One-hour "coaching session" (Presentation of the edited document with suggestions and concerns for a 2nd draft submission)

  • Follow-up (One-hour call to discuss 2nd draft changes and feedback of those changes and advice beyond the 2nd draft) *If writer opts for 2nd draft follow-up*