E-Book Formatting

Distributors such as Kindle Direct and Smashwords make it easy for a writer to publish his/her book as an e-book (and subsequently a print book) without the need of a large book publisher. E-book formatting is offered to writers who want to publish e-books through Amazon or Smashwords.

Fee: $300

Query Letter Evaluation

In order to be considered by a major publisher, authors must have an agent to pitch their work to publishers and editors in the publishing industry. In order to get an agent, writers must present a well-written query letter to get the attention of an agent.  A query letter evaluation can help assess the strength of a previously prepared query letter. Coaching and editorial advice is included.

Fee: $200 

Manuscript Evaluation

Whether an author is considering traditional or independent publishing options, a manuscript evaluation is a great tool to assess the strength of a manuscript in consideration of tone, mood, plot, characters, dialogue, etc. 

Fee: $200 for first 30 pages; $2,000 for manuscripts up to 300 pages***


Screenplay Evaluation

Screenwriters looking to option out or seek production of their script, should get an evaluation in regard to tone, mood, plot, characters, dialogue, etc, prior to delivering it to producers and/or agents.

Fee: $250 for TV comedy pilot scripts; $400 for TV drama pilot scripts; $400 for short film scripts up to 30 pages; $2,000 for feature length films.



Press Release

Whenever a small company launches a new business, or an author releases a new book, or any news needs to be told, a press release is prepared to inform audiences of the news. Press release writing helps small businesses, authors, and nonprofits spread the word about what they're doing. Click here for an example.

Fee: $250

Query Letter

A query letter is the most important asset for getting an agent for your book. In order to entice them into reading your sample, you'll need to hook them with a strong, well-organized query letter. 

Fee: $250


A good resume will help anyone reveal their strengths as a candidate for a job position. I offer resume writing in order to help seasoned professionals or newcomers in their field find fulfilling work by exhibiting their strengths on a resume.

Fee: $200


When it comes to "copy"or text, there are a variety of types that writers, businesses, and nonprofits require. Send an inquiry concerning copy for web, print, and social media.

Fee: Varies by project



Basic Copyediting

Basic copyediting involves a check on spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation. 


Fee: $35/hr

Heavy Copyediting

With works that have not had a previous round of edits, heavy copyediting involves a more rigorous approach at correcting spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation.

Fee: $45/hr

Developmental Editing

For completed works, developmental editing examines spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, theme, characters, setting, and plot. This service is ideal for novelists with completed manuscripts or works that have previously been published and eligible for reprint or expansion. This service also provides coaching through comments that address the small and large elements of the work. 

Manuscript fee: $2,500 for manuscripts up to 300 pages.***

Screenplay fee: $500 for TV comedy pilot scripts; $800 for TV drama pilot scripts; $800 for short film scripts up to 30 pages; $2,500 for feature length films.



Substantive or Line Editing

Ideal for academic or professional writing, substantive or line editing is offered to assess the organization and presentation used to create the work. Also, determining context and meaning in each sentence is paramount. Comments are included in this service to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the work as a whole. I am proficient in APA formatting for those writing academic papers.


Fee: Varies by project

*All prospective clients will receive copyediting for the first five pages of manuscripts or ten pages of screenplays with notes/comments at no cost. Clients who are content with the sample, may inquire about additional services.

**Quotes will be provided electronically through email. A 50% deposit (of estimated costs) will be assessed once an agreement has been made.  

***Manuscript format, per industry standard, is typically 250 words per page.



Film Script - Horror - 13 Pages


A foster child is taken into a new home and must navigate his new life, but with a certain level of fear looming over him.

E-Book Press Release

Copywriting - Business - 297 Words


A press release meant to solicit reviews for a recently published e-book. For  more details , click here


Flash Fiction - Fantasy - 903 Words


A young woman lures a murder suspect to a hotel room and uses her necromantic powers to get the truth out of him.

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