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Industry-Standard Writing, Editing, and Publishing Services


A.E. Williams Profile

My name is A.E. Williams and I started this small company just a few years ago right out of college. I have since gone on to work with numerous wonderful clients and publishing houses (even one of the Big 5).


A.E. Williams Editorial has now become a team effort. My team and I are ready to help our clients with their editorial needs.


Here are a few things to know about us:

  • We are lovers of great stories

  • Our services are geared toward new and established writers alike during their writing journey (writing, editing, and querying)

  • With our combined efforts, we assure you that your book is edited to industry-standard and will help you launch your writing careers

"Working with A.E. Williams is always a pleasure. I love getting projects done on time and on budget (without sacrificing quality) and he helps me do that. A.E. is fast, efficient, and affordable—exactly what small businesses need."

Tenisha Curtis, President of Volo Press

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