Professional Writing, Editing, and Publishing Services


Caryn Karanicas

Travel Agent

A.E. recently helped me to streamline my resume as I start my post-grad job hunt. He helped me highlight all the important information. A potential employer told me that my resume looked great. Thanks A.E.!

Tenesha Curtis

President, Volo Press

Working with A.E. Williams is always a pleasure. I love getting projects done on time and on budget (without sacrificing quality) and he helps me do that. A.E. is fast, efficient, and affordable—exactly what small businesses need.

Tommy Nguyen

President, Panda Prints

A.E. is the man to go to if you ever need anything edited. I've used his service many times and it's always flawless and quick! Highly recommended!



My name is Aubrey Williams, and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I go by "A.E." because I get called "Ms. Williams" more often than I care to admit. 


Here are a few things to know about me:

  • HUGE fan of Seinfeld here

  • My greatest passion is storytelling

  • I gear my services toward new/established writers during their writing journey (editing, querying, and publishing) and to screenwriters looking to polish their scripts before submitting for a contest or production company.

  • Also, I provide various writing and editorial services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations

If you have any questions or comments about the material on the site, click the button that says "contact me" below.