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UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES: FANTASTICAL SHORT SHORTS is a collection of fantasy shorts written by A.E. Williams featuring characters situated in the midst of danger, self-discovery and magical flight. 

In "Behemoth of Power", a witch inherits the magical prowess of her ancestors and seeks to avenge her family's line by defeating the harbingers of death, a powerful clan of evil witches.

"Necromancy" features a protagonist who investigates the murder of several young women by luring the killer to her hotel room with a spell of epic proportions.

A college student, receives her family's magical inheritance in a gift box on her doorstep in "The Unpacking". Unfortunately, these powers come without an instructional manual.

"Good Boy" explores the point of view of a witch's pet who finds himself trapped by scientists and experimented on.

A young man faces a moral obligation to help others around him, no matter the cost, in "Him of The Goddess".

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