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Published Works


UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES: FANTASTICAL SHORT SHORTS VOL. I is a collection of fantasy shorts written by A.E. Williams featuring characters situated in the midst of danger, self-discovery and magical flight. 

In "Behemoth of Power", a witch inherits the magical prowess of her ancestors and seeks to avenge her family's line by defeating the harbingers of death, a powerful clan of evil witches.

"Necromancy" features a protagonist who investigates the murder of several young women by luring the killer to her hotel room with a spell of epic proportions.

A college student, receives her family's magical inheritance in a gift box on her doorstep in "The Unpacking". Unfortunately, these powers come without an instructional manual.

"Good Boy" explores the point of view of a witch's pet who finds himself trapped by scientists and experimented on.

A young man faces a moral obligation to help others around him, no matter the cost, in "Him of The Goddess".

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BILLY AND OTHER SHORTS is a collection of short film scripts written by A.E. Williams featuring stories of various genres.

In "Tome", a young man seeks out his mother to obtain an ancient magical tome, but he must face a painful and depressing encounter.

"Alice" features a young woman hoping to claim her magical inheritance, but it means opening up troubling repressed memories.

"Hacker" shows a young man's struggle with agoraphobia. However, when a more skilled hacker threatens him, he must face his deepest fears about the outside world.


A college graduate struggles to find his first job post-graduation in "The Interview".

When a young boy finds himself at a foster home, things just aren't quite right. In "Billy", he is tested physically and mentally in a new and dangerous home.

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UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES: FANTASTICAL SHORT SHORTS VOL. II is the second collection of fantasy shorts written by A.E. Williams featuring a new set of stories.

In "Haberdashery", a mother looks for the best hat to send her son off in, and face the difficulty in saying goodbye.

"Eve and Pandora" features an interview between two ancient women and neither of them can agree who caused the most chaos.

"Wedding Photos" shows a young woman's transformation after losing her parents. However, some secrets are better left secret.


A mother and father must flee the clutches of a powerful king in "Him of The Goddess".

When it comes to finding a date in a big city, a less-than-perfect government worker must take on the men who seek only to take advantage of him in "Smoke Mage". 

A young man, stripped of all his magical powers is forced to live among those without magic in "The Witch's Curse". 


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