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How My Process Works



Step One: Client Contact


Prospective clients have the option to contact me using any of the methods provided on this website. I will respond within twenty-four (24) hours regardless of whether I receive the information during business hours or not. For phone calls or video meetings, a time and day can be arranged.


Clients may choose whatever method they wish in which to greet me. It can be a casual conversation, an inquiry, or an expression of interest to work together.



Step Two: Contract


If the client chooses to work with me, I will draft and submit a contract for the client to look over.  


If he or she agrees to the terms of the contract, they must sign the contract and return it to me. 



Step Three: Invoice


An invoice will be sent within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the signed contract. Work will only begin once full payment has been received. 

A 10% priority fee will be assessed for "rushed" projects.


Step Four: Client Work


I will complete all the necessary work on the project as laid out in the contract. If a deadline has been determined by the client, I will perform the tasks in order to meet the deadline.


The time it takes to complete each project varies by length. If a project will take more than twenty (20) business days to complete, I will inform the client as such.

Step Five: Feedback Session, Revisions, Rewrites


After the work is delivered, I will set up a call, meeting, or video chat to discuss my process and findings while working on the project. I may make suggestions going forward on how to improve upon my process or provide insight on publishing options.


The client has fourteen (14) days to review the material after receipt. Revisions will not be provided after this time has passed.


Full rewrites (that follow any prior revision) will be completed at an additional fee. Terms of the contract will be activated.



All Things Considered...

Whether I wrote a resume or edited a first novel, I want to continue to have a relationship with each and every client. It’s an honor to see writers grow over time and see people move on to bigger and better things. No matter what project, I’ll work as hard as I possibly can to meet each and every client’s needs. 


I welcome friendship and collaboration at every opportunity. I’m happy to help in any way that I can!

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